How to run a Website - Your site, employee of the month [2017 Update]

A website is not something you have, it’s something you run, and if you’re not running it, it’s the same as not having it at all.

Having a website alone means absolutely nothing. But if run properly, your website can function as another member of staff. Think of it as a 24 hour employee that doesn’t sleep, is part salesperson, shop assistant, part introducer and client relations manager.

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Published: 5 Apr '17

Contextual Marketing ideas for IoT; take advantage of your data

Effective marketing is all about right message, right audience and right time, but now companies are thinking beyond and expanding the contextual marketing formula.

Tech products and services have analytic benefits that are brilliantly placed to take in all the factors that create contextualisation: demographics, preferences, location, buying habits, price, purchase history, user behaviour. Here’s how you can use that data to close a sale.

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Published: 31 Jan '17

It's happening! 75% of companies are investing in it [IoT Survey]

Three-quarters of companies in a recent IoT survey conducted by James Brehm & Associates with IoT Evolution said that they will be working on IoT projects in 2017. This IoT survey took place in Summer 2016 and over half of the 350 companies that took part, who were mostly based in the US, said they already have IoT solutions underway.

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Published: 30 Jan '17

Tips for entrepreneurs - the disruptive "revolution" of Alibaba

Alibaba hit headlines recently for being back on the U.S.A market's list of blacklisted websites. The e-commerce giant had been accused of distributing large amounts of counterfeit goods online.

The rising Intellectual property question has created tensions between Alibaba and the United States trading agreements in recent times, although being excluded from the blacklist for over four years they had now been banned in a recent 2016 update.

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Published: 5 Jan '17

Get the best twitter name even if it's used by an inactive account

The best Twitter name for your business is what your customers will remember. This is usually your business name, without underscores or locations added to the handle and definitely no numbers. What do your customers think of when they need your services? Unless you've got a memorable advertising slogan or strapline, this will usually be your company name. That is the best username for you.

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Published: 27 Oct '16

5 free content curation tools to help you become an industry leader

Back in the "old days", where startups didn't dominate the world, it was once thought that being an industry leader was a long and slow process that took years to grow. Now with the development of content curation tools, it's easier than ever to increase your brand authority in your industry. Most of the work is relying on being always up to date on the latest trends and news in your specific field. Appearing extremely knowledgeable and being the "go to" for your specialism increases your credibility for both your own personal brand and business. This is why the need for amazing content curators is now as urgent as ever. Here are 5 free content curation tools that will help you further your knowledge in your industry (without taking another century).

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Published: 16 Oct '16

Can your business use Augmented Reality to reinvent your product?

While the summer of 2016 will be remembered for the Rio Olympics, it will also be known as the summer of Pokemon Go. Personally, I saw more people flicking a finger on their iPhone to launch a Pokeball than I saw athletes throw a javelin. I definitely threw more myself, (I’m terrible at javelin).

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Published: 27 Sep '16

How to use Crowdfire to gain more Twitter followers

Crowdfire is literally ‘fire for your crowd’. It’s almost as revolutionary as the invention of fire, except this is he social media flame. In the old days, getting Twitter followers was all about the controversy you created for your business, now it’s easier than that. Unlike Facebook and others, Twitter has relatively relaxed rules when it comes to following users and this post will show you how to use Crowdfire to gain more Twitter followers.

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Published: 13 Sep '16

What is the 5-3-2 Strategy? Improve social media marketing

If you're just starting out with your social media, and are trawling through endless pages of advice on what exactly to post and how — look no further. We're about to explain the 5-3-2 strategy that will provide a logical structure to managing your social media posts and improve social media marketing. These rules especially apply to Twitter and Facebook. It's recommended before you post that you research your strategy fully, to avoid thoughtless content that doesn't attract the right customers.

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Published: 3 Aug '16