3 Tips on How to use Instagress to gain more Instagram followers

2017 Update: Quote from Instagress tweeter: "Sad news to all of you who fell in love with Instagress: by request of Instagram we've closed our web-service that helped you so much.". This also makes me think that using Instagress or similar type of services was not a very good idea in the 1st place.

Ever heard of an online program called Instagress?

No? Well you should if you want to significantly gain more Instagram followers and grow your brand authority. Read on to discover our tips on how to use Instagress...

Liking, commenting, and following people suited to your business is a sure fire way of attracting attention to your Instagram profile. However, if you’re busy running your small business, it's  guaranteed you don’t have time to do this yourself, 24/7. Instagress is an automated program that likes, comments and follows completely on your own terms and settings.

Is it cheating? No. It will simply save you a ton of time that you would have spent doing manually. With over 500 million users on Instagram, small businesses are looking at ways to make their company stand out on the app and achieve popularity quicker. Instagress does exactly this.

We at Pluto Agency, tested the reliability of Instagress on a client’s Instagram account and found positive results, let alone a huge surge in followers, going from 0 to 840 in just three weeks. Growing your account this fast would take months of daily activity you could be investing on other areas of your business.

However, without proper supervision there can be some awkward moments that you have to be careful of. Here are three top tips that you should know before using Instagress for your business. With these in mind, you’ll be running a successful, community interactive profile in a matter of days.

1. Make sure your comments are suitable for ALL Instagram photos.

instagress screenshot of how to filter your comments

We realised that writing ‘Beautiful!’ to a guy taking a selfie drew some unwanted admiration which didn’t look all too professional on our behalf. Set your comments to something a little more vague and less personal, for example ‘Cool pic, great profile!’ Could be recognised for almost anything.

2. Start slow, to avoid looking like spam

instagress screenshot of how to start with slow settings and don't spam

Instagram doesn’t take spam very lightly. If they think you’re over-commenting you could be banned from your page. This is why you should always takes things slow the first couple of weeks of starting your subscription. Luckily, Instagress has a ‘slow’ setting. Also make sure you’re regularly updating your Instagram daily so that the comments are fitting in with how active your business is. Instagress recommend updating at least once a day, and make sure you have at least three pictures already on your profile before starting up Instagress.

3. Be wary of leaving Instagress on Follow overnight

instagress screenshot, selections menu

A small business on Instagram looks legit when there’s more ‘admirers’ than the business is following. It’s generally good to follow under 1000 people. Leaving instagress to run overnight to follow for a few days may cause you to go way over the limit, making your business look a little less authentic. Make sure you log in to Instagress and set it to ‘unfollow people who don’t follow me’ to get those numbers down. However this does take time. Instagram has very strict limits of how many people you can follow and unfollow every hour (the API only allows 160 follows or unfollows per hour). So if you want to help Instagress along and you have a Crowdfire account or similar, you can unfollow excess followers from there.

Instagress is certainly a ‘quick fix’ that all small creative businesses could benefit from particularly when just starting out. Sure, if you look around the net you’ll find an article warning you against Instagress - this is most likely because Instagress should be used correctly at all times. If you stick to these three rules you’ll be growing your business 10x quicker and organically too with no problems.

For those who aren’t convinced that Instagram is that effective and isn’t worth the mere $9.99 a month spent on Instagress fees, please trust us, it is. Instagram is great for brand awareness. You’ll soon notice your organic search traffic shoot up and hits to your home page increase from just the one profile link you’re allowed.

Want to learn more about using Instagram effectively? Read our blog post on How to create hashtags on Instagram here.

Good luck!

By Zoe Faircloth on 26 Mar '16

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