Paula Stanbridge-Faircloth

Paula Stanbridge-Faircloth
Paula Stanbridge-Faircloth is passionate about all kinds of words, from sprawling novels to inane witticisms on the labels of chilli sauce bottles. Equipped with an MA in Publishing from UCL, 6 years' experience as a freelance journalist, proofreader, editor and host of creative writing groups, she's confident she can make words work for you.

Alex has spent the past few years honing her digital marketing, SEO and copywriting skills to bring you engaging, high-performing content from email to blog and digital publications.

Her flat is full of shelves of colour-coded books so she often has trouble finding what she's looking for. She'll also get too excited if you ask to see her collection of self-published oddities, peculiars and other inky-fingered publications collected from small press festivals.

So it's probably best not to ask.
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Contextual Marketing ideas for IoT; take advantage of your data

Effective marketing is all about right message, right audience and right time, but now companies are thinking beyond and expanding the contextual marketing formula.

Tech products and services have analytic benefits that are brilliantly placed to take in all the factors that create contextualisation: demographics, preferences, location, buying habits, price, purchase history, user behaviour. Here’s how you can use that data to close a sale.

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Published: 31 Jan '17

It's happening! 75% of companies are investing in it [IoT Survey]

Three-quarters of companies in a recent IoT survey conducted by James Brehm & Associates with IoT Evolution said that they will be working on IoT projects in 2017. This IoT survey took place in Summer 2016 and over half of the 350 companies that took part, who were mostly based in the US, said they already have IoT solutions underway.

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Published: 30 Jan '17

Can your business use Augmented Reality to reinvent your product?

While the summer of 2016 will be remembered for the Rio Olympics, it will also be known as the summer of Pokemon Go. Personally, I saw more people flicking a finger on their iPhone to launch a Pokeball than I saw athletes throw a javelin. I definitely threw more myself, (I’m terrible at javelin).

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Published: 27 Sep '16

Make content that ranks in a web of monkeys with typewriters

Content creation is big business. More and more companies are learning that providing answers to their customer's questions online can help them be discovered and will lead to a sales. Vast numbers of businesses are incorporating content into their marketing strategies and the words "Content is king!" are being yelled from the rooftops. That's great news for inbound marketing agencies like us, but not so great news for independent retailers or small businesses.

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Published: 28 Jun '16

Twitter marketing tricks: get more leads with direct messages

I know what you’re thinking. I used to think the same. Direct messages on Twitter are spammy and annoying and nobody reads them. Right? Wrong.

Direct messages can really get you the stuff that counts: traffic to your website and conversions that add potential customers to your email lists.

So how do you do it? It really is very easy to get more leads. Here are just a few twitter marketing tricks that you can take advantage of:

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Published: 20 May '16

Improve domain authority by making friends & helping people

No, this is not a wishy-washy hug-a-human principle. This is a way to get backlinks and improve your Domain Authority by getting out there, meeting people with similar goals and striking mutually beneficial agreements. Let's call it virtual backscratching.

And to prove to you this works it's exactly the approach we're going to take when growing this blog. You can check back to see how well we're doing.

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Published: 22 Feb '16

Is your website wonky? web design layout: Balance & Grid

Web design is a creative process, sometimes perceived more as art than science. But because it's a form of delivering content some rules and principles do apply. Bear in mind that good design results from ticking all these 7 principles and not just a few of them.

The 7 key principles that make a website design look good: Balance, Grid, Colour, Graphics, Typography, White Space and Responsive Web Design.

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Published: 14 Feb '16

Blogging tips: The craft of writing great content

You may be blessed with a methodical brain, the kind where you plan your writing in a linear way, with orderly numbers that line up in the margin. If that works for you great. Stick to it. I rely on writing, writing, writing until I reach the eureka moment. That’s when I know just what it is I’ve been tapping on about and I’ve finally found the golden thread that brings it all together. The point that’s been lurking at the back of my head, reluctant to come out. And I know I’m not the only one.

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Published: 16 Dec '15

5 Marketing Activities Every Craftsperson Needs to Do

We know you’re busy. You’re a craftsperson – a skilled creator of extraordinary bespoke goods. We salute you for that. We love what you stand for. The truth is, though, no matter how independent and self-reliant you want to be, without some effort in marketing, you’re not going to get far.

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Published: 15 Dec '15