Zoe Faircloth

Zoe Faircloth
Zoe Faircloth is an explorer of the globe. Whether it be volunteering in Tanzania teaching business to impoverished communities or blogging about her recent round-the-world excursions, no doubt she’s seen it all.

Her hobby of capturing the world and sharing her online travel moments made her social media savvy to which she learnt some tips and tricks of the media game.

She has a particular interest in entrepreneurship, and divides her time working for international startups as well as writing her MsC thesis in Uppsala, Sweden, focusing on female entrepreneurs and the barriers to becoming founders of their own company.
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Tips for entrepreneurs - the disruptive "revolution" of Alibaba

Alibaba hit headlines recently for being back on the U.S.A market's list of blacklisted websites. The e-commerce giant had been accused of distributing large amounts of counterfeit goods online.

The rising Intellectual property question has created tensions between Alibaba and the United States trading agreements in recent times, although being excluded from the blacklist for over four years they had now been banned in a recent 2016 update.

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Published: 5 Jan '17

5 free content curation tools to help you become an industry leader

Back in the "old days", where startups didn't dominate the world, it was once thought that being an industry leader was a long and slow process that took years to grow. Now with the development of content curation tools, it's easier than ever to increase your brand authority in your industry. Most of the work is relying on being always up to date on the latest trends and news in your specific field. Appearing extremely knowledgeable and being the "go to" for your specialism increases your credibility for both your own personal brand and business. This is why the need for amazing content curators is now as urgent as ever. Here are 5 free content curation tools that will help you further your knowledge in your industry (without taking another century).

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Published: 16 Oct '16

How to use Crowdfire to gain more Twitter followers

Crowdfire is literally ‘fire for your crowd’. It’s almost as revolutionary as the invention of fire, except this is he social media flame. In the old days, getting Twitter followers was all about the controversy you created for your business, now it’s easier than that. Unlike Facebook and others, Twitter has relatively relaxed rules when it comes to following users and this post will show you how to use Crowdfire to gain more Twitter followers.

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Published: 13 Sep '16

What is the 5-3-2 Strategy? Improve social media marketing

If you're just starting out with your social media, and are trawling through endless pages of advice on what exactly to post and how — look no further. We're about to explain the 5-3-2 strategy that will provide a logical structure to managing your social media posts and improve social media marketing. These rules especially apply to Twitter and Facebook. It's recommended before you post that you research your strategy fully, to avoid thoughtless content that doesn't attract the right customers.

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Published: 3 Aug '16

How to use Canva - A social media revolution for small businesses

Behold the power of GTD (Getting things done!). Did you ever think great visual and exciting posts should be left to the photoshop experts? For those of you who are new to social media, let me introduce you to a little online graphic design tool: Canva. Learn how to use Canva to potentially cut corners for your lack of photoshop prowess, and yes - even you - the 'non designer' will be creating remarkable designs from start to finish. What's best, it's even mostly free.

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Published: 18 Jun '16

3 Tips on How to use Instagress to gain more Instagram followers

2017 Update: Quote from Instagress tweeter: "Sad news to all of you who fell in love with Instagress: by request of Instagram we've closed our web-service that helped you so much.". This also makes me think that using Instagress or similar type of services was not a very good idea in the 1st place.

Ever heard of an online program called Instagress?

No? Well you should if you want to significantly gain more Instagram followers and grow your brand authority. Read on to discover our tips on how to use Instagress...

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Published: 26 Mar '16

Create hashtags on Instagram that will grow your small business

Ever wondered what’s the point of hashtags? They often look spammy yet so many businesses swear by them to promote their products or services. Why?

In this post we’ll explain why they matter and why you should research hashtags just like keywords to pack more punch in your post.

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Published: 9 Mar '16